Monday, May 4, 2009

26 weeks

Well I am starting my third trimester... Can you believe how time flies.. we are in the final countdown now! 14 weeks ish!!!! Had my appt. this morning and this included my gestational diabetes screening. Im measuring great, right where im supposed to be for 26 weeks. Her heart beat is 152 per minute which is great. Now our appointments will begin every 2 weeks... She is starting to really move around like crazy and im loving her every little flutter... We have started to pick out her crib and should be ordering it within the next two weeks... John is starting the nursery painting tonight.

Her lungs are developing right now, her air sacks (alveoli) should be formed towards the end of this week. Her retina has finished so her eyes are now fully developed. Her audio and visual systems are starting to send messages to the brain. she is about 1 and 2/3 lbs. and about 14 inches long.

John and I have signed up for some natural childbirth classes that will begin in the next 3 weeks and we are looking forward to our next adventure..

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