Thursday, May 21, 2009

28 weeks 4 days..

Hi, its a mid-week update.. Just circling back to fill you in on my Monday appt. as usual my blood pressure was beautiful, nice and low just the way we like it! My hemoglobin from my amenia test came back perfect at 12. My diabetes test was great at a 72. the babies heartrate
was its usual 152 which is right where it belongs, and I had gained another pound!

Had my first natural childbirth class and everyone was awesome, I was a little worried that John would be frightened if all the couples were hippies but actually the three other couples are like our exact same ages and they are just like us.... The teacher is sweet as can be and we are enjoying diving into this learning experience. We talked about nutrition, pregnancy excercises, massage techniques for the dads to use on us in labor, and debunking labor myths and our fears.

My little miss is in my belly partying away.. she was like a rockstar last night banging all around when it was bedtime.

Looking forward to my first three day weekend since New Years.. can we say about time!!!!!!!!!

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