Wednesday, May 6, 2009

26 weels 2 days.

Its official, we have started the transformation of the princess's room! I called to check on my gestational diabetes test and I passed with flying colors.. my levels are at 72 which is on the low end of normal, seems that all that worrying i did was for nil!

It has been a hectic work week and I find my poor posture starting to bother my upper back throughout the day so i have started to sit on the exercise ball while working.

This weekend is mothers day and I'm going to celebrate this year since technically I'm a mom!!!!!!!

here is a pic of the beginning of the nursery and all of the daddies hard work.

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  1. You are doing it all just right! And the color you picked is just so pretty. I like how it is accented by the glisten of sweat on John's forehead. ;)