Friday, February 27, 2009

16 weeks 5 days.

Nothing new to report.. Looking forward to the weekend. I am constantly concentrating on feeling my munchkin and looking for any changes in my belly!!!

Planning on doing my 16 week pictures tonight!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

16 weeks 2 days!

I am starting to get a little bit of a baby bump, instead of looking just plain bloated I actually have a little belly sprouting! I am sooo grateful for all the maternity clothes my girls have given me, they are helping me find stuff that I feel comfortable in.

I think I am feeling flutters but I cant be sure since I have never experienced them before I dont know what im looking for.

This week I feel good, still havent had any really strange cravings yet. This weeks focus is going to be more vegetables, Im starting with a big salad for lunch that hubby made. Im also going to start taking a magnesium supplement called calm. It is believed to help in many aspects of life.

Last week was the first time I actually craved a cocktail, I think it is because we were at Chilis on a date and it seemed like everyone around was having two for 1 margaritas.. but that passed right away!

this week the baby starts developing fat under its skin, and now the genitilia is fully developed so within a few weeks we will know the mystery of baby O!

Friday, February 20, 2009

15 weeks 5 days..

Well once again it is Friday and Im grateful. Grandma and Grandpa Rahn ended up having to leave a little early due to some illness my grandma was having so our visit was cut a bit short. I am sad to see them go and will miss them.

I think I am beginning to feel a baby O... i am having wierd little sensations in my belly and the only think I can attribute it to is a litttle baby moving... we are ready for a weekend of rest and baby movements.

Monday, February 16, 2009

15 weeks!!!!!!!

Well we have made it to 15 weeks. I feel like a million bucks. I even think I may have felt a flutter this morning in my belly.. I am ecstatic at the thought of feeling my sweet baby "O".

Had an event filled weekend. Saw my dad Friday night for dinner and he got to gloat over my little belly and seems to be overjoyed with the new chapter in all of our lives.. He is excited to be a grandpa and as I am a little sad that he doesnt live closer.

Saturday went to the home show at the convention center then to a yummy lunch at Bahama Breeze.. Baby O and I enjoyed the fireroasted shrimp.
This was a nice Valentines day, got a beautiful 24k gold dipped real rose from the hubby and a beautiful card sending his love to me and baby O. I am so grateful for this man, he never ceases to amaze me.

Sunday was my usual errand day as Grandma and grandpa Rahn were not feeling well but then
we had a nice steak dinner and relaxed at home.

Got in lots of baby reading material that Kelly sent me home with called the pink kit which has lots of info on getting familiar with your body for labor. read lots of chapters in my manuel from Kelly also.

Friday, February 13, 2009

14 weeks 4 days

Feeling like death today.. another night with not too much sleep between this bladder that is sharing space with baby O and this horrendous cold... ugh....

My dad will be in town today so im looking forward to dinner with he and John.

Right now Im just focused on getting healthy for baby O and I...

Kelly (midwife) suggested something special to do for the baby book and scrapbook is to be collecting things that are going on right now in current times, like newspaper clippings with popular songs, or other major current events.. I imagine this would be fun for the baby to look back on in 15 years and see what was happening when they were in utero..

Heading to the home and garden show over the weekend with grandma and grandma and soon to be nanny joe and grammy O...

Until Monday... cheers.... oh and p.s. Monday is 15 weeks... hip hip hooray.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

14 weeks 3 days..

I have the funk... picked up some yucky chest cold and it is just beating up on me.. Hard to talk on the phone all day with a sore raspy throat.
I probably had poor baby O awake all night coughing. Having lunch today with my girlfriends for Grace's birthday.. Should be fun to get together.

Nothing else new to report with Baby O.. stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

14 weeks and 2 days

Had my most recent appt. this morning with Kelly (my midwife). She gives me such a sense of zen and at peace. Everything was perfect, a healthy urine, perfect blood work, blood pressure 108/78, and babies heart rate was beating nice and rapid. Kelly was getting booted by the baby on her doppler every time she was hunting for the heart beat..
Her hugs are like no other and always set us right at ease. She gave me a book to borrow and a dvd she thinks ill find intersting and showed us lots of charts of baby and mamas progress.
Everything seems to be moving along healthy.

I have come down with a little something in my chest and Kelly gave me some immune fighters.

Hubby went to the appt with me this morning and was supportive as always. He still stands his ground that he doesnt want to see the baby coming out that he will stay up by my head just being supportive but is not a fan of the blood and fluid... HA!! 6 months to go we will see if that changes at all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

14 weeks... yippeee...

So I am officially in my second trimester... yee ha. everything seems to feel well with baby so far. Im not showing as much as i had expected by now. I guess that is a good thing except with two prior miscarriages I constantly fell like there is a need for alarm..

Went and absorbed some beautiful art this weekend for baby and me. Bought a beautiful new piece from my fav gal Chrissie Grace .. it brought tears to my eyes.. It is a picture of an artsy girl with a big belly and it says "As the baby grew in her belly, she knew she would never be the same again."

The baby should be about 85mm and way about 110 g. The baby can now suck its thumb and make facial expressions. The liver is producing bile and the spleen red blood cells.

Friday, February 6, 2009

13 weeks 4 days

Well today is Friday, I am so in need of the weekend.

Most of my energy has really started to return, so i do feel like a renewed person... I started reading "chicken soup for the expectant mothers soul last night and was again reminded of why i cannot wait to be a mom...

I plan on mixing in a lot of cleaning this weekend, and some good art shows. I should have some pictures up for my next weeks blogs, I plan on getting dolled up and doing my hair and makeup this weekend and intend to take some belly shots then when im not all ragged out in my typical work week uniform (sweat pants, and a t-shirt)

Plan on working in my baby journal this weekend also.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

13 weeks and 3 days...

Told Anthony last night about baby O, he is sooooo excited to welcome another family member. He almost has enough brothers and sisters to start a baseball team between all the people in his life that love him..

Baby O and I are really looking forward to the weekend and some warmer weather. Im already fantacizing about the beach this spring and summer.

Starting to feel a bit more energized.. Find myself getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom more than I think I have ever done in my life.

This weekend I will be getting ready for grandma and grandpa Rahns visit. I also plan on hitting the Mt. Dora art fest on Sunday with Grace and the girls.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 weeks 2 days

Wednesday, February 04, 2009
13 weeks 2 days..

Oh this week has been soooo great. Just knowing im finishing up my first trimester and we have made it through with no hiccups so far is so refreshing.

I have slept quite a bit this week and feel that no matter how much I sleep I could still relish in more.

This weeks craving has been blue raspberry blow pops. Very strange. Im focusing myself on eating fruit as much as possible, even though I really crave carbs. (especially my favorite everything bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese).

My face is quite broke out this week. Oh the fun of pregnancy. Luckily my clothes still fit for the most part. I do feel myself thickening around the middle but any sign of a healthy baby is a welcome sign!

I wish I had an at home personal ultrasound machine or some sort of magnifying class that I could peer in and see what baby O is doing.

Looking forward to feeling some movements in there so that I can constantly monitor babies progress..

John has been a champ at dealing with extra housework and a tired prego mom… He just finished telling me how proud he is of me making it through
so far.