Monday, April 27, 2009

25 weeks

Another busy weekend gone, It wasnt busy in that way you imagine with plans and people to see.. Friday I was pooped, didnt even make it out with a friend for some plans we had. Instead went to bed early and just rested.

Saturday was an errand filled morning starting with getting the Princess' bedding set we had picked out and then going to match the paint for her room. Mission accomplished.

Im planning on doing ivory above the chair rail and a pinkish/fuschia below then having some artist friends paint matching flowers of the bedding onto the ivory like they are growing out of the chair railing..

the set is pink and chocolate brown.
So after this John and I were busy working around the house including planting our flower boxes around the gazebo on the patio.. It is coming along so nice, it reminds me of a little italian cafe on a street in Venice! So relaxing.....
The baby has stayed busy moving around lots this weekend and making me giggle with her every move. The dog is getting really jealous, John laid his head on my stomach and was talking to her when Tucker decided to growl until John moved then he jumped in my lap instead and stared at John! Ha I have a feeling this baby is going to be his to guard!

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