Wednesday, March 25, 2009

20 weeks and 2 days.

Our baby is 10 ounces and we are soooooooo excited and blessed to learn that she is a girl. We are both about to burst with excitement and are just glowing..

After our sonogram yesterday we were relieved to see our little angel being so active. She was swimming everywhere, the ultrasound tech could barely keep track of her. she has all the major organs and parts she is supposed to have so we are super grateful for this. We are both so in love with her already. I cant keep my eyes off of her and my hands off my belly!

keep growing baby, we are looking forward to your arrival but are in no rush!

Monday, March 23, 2009

20 weeks.

Well we are half way there. I have started having vivid crazy dreams trying to picture the baby. In one dream the baby came out looking like a 2 year old SCARY!!!! Tomorrow is the big day, going in for my "official" ultrasound and I can hardly wait.. We will know for sure what little surprise is waiting on the inside! Then we can get down to business with the nursery.

I went to babies r us on Saturday morning and oogled over all the potential things we will want and need. I have great friends with lots of babies that are planning on sharing all their great things with us, but I really need to start researching my strollers, carseats, and big ticket items that we are going to need. John and I went back later so we could both awe over my findings earlier in the day, It is sooooo amazing to have someone as supportive as my husband. I could not have dreamt of a more amazing man to be my husband and father of my babies. It makes me think of when we first started dating and he begged me to give him my total trust.. I was so jaded that I couldnt imagine just giving away trust without it being earned. Over the last 4 years he has come to prove that my heart is safe with him, and he wouldnt dream of doing anything to hurt me, this man actually lives for me!

I felt my first flutters on Friday afternoon while working and started to cry, what an amazing reality. Then on Saturday when I laid down for a nap I felt some moving around again and actually felt something on the outside for one second, but as soon as I called John over i guess the baby got performance anxiety.

I got a cute new swimsuit over the weekend that I should be able to use throughout my pregnancy, so im ready for some beach days now!

Well there will be an update tomorrow once we finish with our ultrasound.. until then, ciao!

Monday, March 16, 2009

19 weeks..

I am moving along in the pregnancy world. All seems to be going well.. Scheduling my next ultra sound for this next week today! Had a pretty restful weekend. Relaxed with friends on Saturday evening which is always a good time. Hung out with the hubby around our house for the rest of the time. Im starting to have a real baby pooch on my belly, when im standing I really am starting to look pregnant and invested in some maternity shorts this weekend and I feel the summer heat coming on!

Missing my Mandy down in the Virgin Islands but talked to her via text yesterday and she said she was keeping up with the blog.. I hope she makes it back soon to love on the belly!

The baby is supposed to start growing hair this week so keep your fingers crossed that the baby has thick hair like myself and not thin balding hair like daddy! The baby is supposed to be about 7 and 1/2 inches long.. They are also recognizing sounds, so we have started talking to the baby all the time. Since it is always present im sure it will recognize my voice as much talking as I do all day long!

Will get some more pics taken this week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

18 weeks 3 days

Well we have been nothing but busy this week... When we have not been working on painting and moving things around the house we have been out to dinner with friends and family or off on other adventures.
I got my hair cut and a shine treatment added yesterday and I'm feeling like a pretty prego, if it weren't for my sunburned lip! My lips are soooo sensitive to the sun and it never fails that they burn. I have to use SPF 1000 on them... ugh..
Baby and I are doing fabulous. Every time someone asks how I'm feeling I just glow that I'm doing fabulous. I'm so grateful to have a healthy baby in my belly and for my pregnancy to be moving so great! I will continue to pray for this little angel and I cant wait to meet this new addition!

Will post pics of the new hair do once this lip blister subsides!

Monday, March 9, 2009

18 Weeks..

Well I have wrapped up another great weekend and now im rolling up my sleeves to get ready for working on the house and nursery!

I had a Kelly appt today and she seems to think everything is great.. A nice boring pee so im healthy there.. I actually have started to gain weight versus lose weight. I am up 4 pounds since my last visit so I think im doing great.. still not back to where I was before pregnancy so im still about 2 lbs lighter now than pre-pregnancy! Daddy of baby O was with me and we looked at all the transistions in mama and babies bodies on numerous charts she had to show us. Baby's heart rate is great at abotu 152 beats per minute.

Had a great weekend hanging out with my sisters and Lola (this is the name my stepmom is thinking she is going to want to be called from the baby.) It means grandmother in Filipino.. Not that we are Filipino but she wanted something different especially since baby is going to have lots of different grandparents!
I got a bad sunburn sitting at my older sisters Saturday morning lacross game but that is ok because the belly kisses and hugs i got from my sisters and their friends were totally worth it.

We are scheduling another ultrasound for around 20 weeks.. we did sneak away this morning for an ultrasound from my aunt and this little baby O is beautiful... We were able to sneak a peak at the gender but I will wait until my next ultrasound before i reveal the findings as this one was not 100% but maybe like 95%...... What we did see is that the baby has its moms big feet!

Monday, March 2, 2009

17 weeks.

Well I had a semi-busy weekend. Friday got to go see my family at my sister Leah's lacrosse game. This was fun as I had not seen some of them since before I was pregnant, so they were all excited about my changing body! Got the sweetest belly kiss from my sister Leah, I asked her if she liked my baby belly and she did the sweetest kiss right on my belly and said, "I love it!"
this brought tears to my eyes.. too sweet!

Saturday we spent the day starting on the babies nursery. we merged our office into the guest bedroom to make way for the babies nursery and all the projects we have planned in there! It came out better than anyone was expecting for such a tight space. We managed to get the office in without sacrificing our guest bed!

Sunday I was scheduled to have my first prenatal massage, I had been having trouble with a nerve in my neck and it was causing afternoon headaches and UN-needed tension! The massage was with a pretty inexperienced girl so it was not all that I had hoped it would be... Then the rest of my Sunday was simply a lazy day!!!

Now here we are in week 17 and I'm getting really anxious abut finding out this little munchkins gender... I'm trying to hold off on ultrasounds as long as possible but the mystery is becoming unbearable!