Monday, May 18, 2009

28 weeks

I am 28 weeks today! So happy that things are still going so well... the final countdown is truly on, I cant believe it. Time has been flying. We start our natural childbirth classes this week. The first two are at our house then the rest will be at 2 other couples houses. There are 8 in total and I have not met the teacher yet but over the phone she has been really sweet.

Had a get together at our house on Friday night and that was a lot of fun, it was a hangout and a pampered chef party in one! I was beat by the end but I think that is par for the course at this point in pregnancy!

I have an appt this morning with the midwife Kelli.. The appt updates are going to be more frequent now as we are in the third and final trimester so now I will see her every other week until closer to the end when we will kick it up to every week.

Her eyes have color to them now and she can actually blink and open them now. The baby is probably about 15 inches now weighing between two and three pounds.

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