Monday, April 20, 2009

24 weeks.

We have made it to 24 weeks and Im feeling like a million bucks.. I often need to pinch myself to be reminded that it is real because I do feel so great and so blessed.. This past Saturday the baby got to experience her first crawfish festival in utero! I took it easy on the crawfish as I didnt want the spices to get to her and bother her. I had already checked in advance to be sure that eating something with a nickname "mudbugs" wasnt going to be harmful to her!

Yesterday during my bath she must have loved the warm water as she was all over the place swimming and banging around... Of course when John came to feel her she got performance anxiety and stopped her party until he left.. sooooo crazy!

Our big focus right now is needing to get her nursery going and get registered.. Her big arrival will be here before we know what hit us! John won a gift certificate last week from a vendor for $150 and he could use it for anywhere and being so thoughtful he picked Babies R Us so we can get some baby goodies.. He is such an amazing man and Im so grateful to have him as my partner!

Its amazing to think we are ending the second trimester right now and about to start the 3rd trimester. WOW.... time flies when you are having fun! The baby should now be about 1.25 lbs to 1.5 lbs on average. Her lungs and tastebuds are developing

Lets see what other new surprises this week brings us!

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