Tuesday, April 14, 2009

23 weeks 1 day

I have been ultra busy growing a baby! Had a great midwife appt. last week, everything is in great shape. I am still not quite back to pre-pregnancy weight. 1/2 lb away! Strange how everything mis-proportions everything. The baby got excited when K used the doppler to find her little heart beat! It went all the way up to 158 then back down to a calm 144. Im measuring just right for my progress and as all the previous visits have shown I have a super low blood pressure.. Im consistantly at about 104 over 70.

I am in the late part of my 2nd trimester. Can you believe it? Time has been flying by! At 23 weeks the baby should be more than a pound and about 11 inches! Next visit in May I am doing my gestational diabetes blood draw, so cross your fingers that we have no sugar issues, even though it is my most guilty pleasure!

Here is me Easter weekend..

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