Tuesday, February 24, 2009

16 weeks 2 days!

I am starting to get a little bit of a baby bump, instead of looking just plain bloated I actually have a little belly sprouting! I am sooo grateful for all the maternity clothes my girls have given me, they are helping me find stuff that I feel comfortable in.

I think I am feeling flutters but I cant be sure since I have never experienced them before I dont know what im looking for.

This week I feel good, still havent had any really strange cravings yet. This weeks focus is going to be more vegetables, Im starting with a big salad for lunch that hubby made. Im also going to start taking a magnesium supplement called calm. It is believed to help in many aspects of life.

Last week was the first time I actually craved a cocktail, I think it is because we were at Chilis on a date and it seemed like everyone around was having two for 1 margaritas.. but that passed right away!

this week the baby starts developing fat under its skin, and now the genitilia is fully developed so within a few weeks we will know the mystery of baby O!

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