Wednesday, February 11, 2009

14 weeks and 2 days

Had my most recent appt. this morning with Kelly (my midwife). She gives me such a sense of zen and at peace. Everything was perfect, a healthy urine, perfect blood work, blood pressure 108/78, and babies heart rate was beating nice and rapid. Kelly was getting booted by the baby on her doppler every time she was hunting for the heart beat..
Her hugs are like no other and always set us right at ease. She gave me a book to borrow and a dvd she thinks ill find intersting and showed us lots of charts of baby and mamas progress.
Everything seems to be moving along healthy.

I have come down with a little something in my chest and Kelly gave me some immune fighters.

Hubby went to the appt with me this morning and was supportive as always. He still stands his ground that he doesnt want to see the baby coming out that he will stay up by my head just being supportive but is not a fan of the blood and fluid... HA!! 6 months to go we will see if that changes at all.

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