Monday, February 9, 2009

14 weeks... yippeee...

So I am officially in my second trimester... yee ha. everything seems to feel well with baby so far. Im not showing as much as i had expected by now. I guess that is a good thing except with two prior miscarriages I constantly fell like there is a need for alarm..

Went and absorbed some beautiful art this weekend for baby and me. Bought a beautiful new piece from my fav gal Chrissie Grace .. it brought tears to my eyes.. It is a picture of an artsy girl with a big belly and it says "As the baby grew in her belly, she knew she would never be the same again."

The baby should be about 85mm and way about 110 g. The baby can now suck its thumb and make facial expressions. The liver is producing bile and the spleen red blood cells.

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