Tuesday, August 4, 2009

39 weeks

Had a check-up last evening and as usual all went beautifully.. Blood pressure was 114/78 which is still great and urine was nice and boring.. The babies heart beat was nice and variable at about 152-156. She was doing tons of moving and stretching while we were there and im still measuring right on target. We are going to do the next "check" next Monday at that appt.. Kelli is very hands off and I do love that about her. I am excited to see if there has been any progression at the next appt. Abigails original expected date is August 14 which is 10 day from now but she could obviously come anytime from now until the end of the month! Now we are just doing the waiting game.. I think John is more anxious than I am!!! I cant wait to meet her and am excited but he is telling her to hurry up and come out already! No pressure here! I wonder if it is possibly to ever get everything done? I have my wish list of things I would love to do to better prepare myself but I dont know that I will ever see them all through!

I am ready to meet this beautiful baby girl and snuggle with her!!!!

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