Wednesday, August 19, 2009

40 weeks 5 days..

Everything is still great here.. baby is super comfortable but after my appt. yesterday Kelli says she has dropped about two inches.. so we are moving in the right direction to meeting this little pumpkin. I am going to the chiropractor again today and she is going to use websters on me then send me out for a walk then bring me back in for another adjustment.. Hopefully this is helping speed up the process and make it easier for baby to get through the canal. I have developed a rash on my belly called puppp.. It is no danger to me or the baby just itchy!!!! So I am drinking dandelion leaf tea and using hydrocortizone cream on my belly all the time! Going in on Friday for a biophysical profile which is just a longer sonogram to make sure everything with the baby is cool and that her movements, respiration, heartbeats etc.. are doing great. they like to do they every week after your 40th week, just to insure no fetal distress etc..

She is still moving like crazy and reminding me that she is excited to soon meet us!!!!!

Your dad and I cant wait to meet you angel!!!!!!!!!

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