Tuesday, July 21, 2009

37 weeks 1 day.

Well we have just celebrated our 2nd year of marriage.. Today actually is our anniversary but we spent the weekend enjoying each others company at the Gaylord Palms here in town so that we were not too far away... We spent the time enjoying each others company, floating in the pool, and eating yummy food. Then the rest of the weekend was spent down in Vero visiting with some of my favorite girls....... Mandy is home visiting and just loving seeing Nik and I with our baby bellies.. Her first reaction was tears!!!!! I have an appt. today and will have my iron checked along with my GBS test and to see if there is any progress down in the cervix area!! I am not putting alot into this check as I feel strongly that she is quite comfortable in there and in no hurry to come out!!! Now my check ups will be every week from here to delivery. I have started to feel the "nesting" instinct and am glad that I will be somewhat busy to fight those urges because they saying that falling into that makes you very tired for labor..

So now the baby is considered full term so she will just continue to pack on about 1/2 an ounce a day from here to delivery... Looking forward to meeting her soon.. hopefully she has all my hair.

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