Tuesday, July 7, 2009

35 weeks 1 day!

Working on final touches in the babies room.. It is coming along beautifully. Now we really just have to hang stuff on her walls, I need to get a roman curtain for her window, and a lamp, John needs to paint the little table I picked up then it will be almost complete, Ready for her arrival.

By now babies are typically over 5 pounds and 18 inches long. Kidneys and liver are fully developed and most physical developement is complete. Now it is just time to put a littel meat on the bones. I am finding it very tough to breathe these days, they attribute it to the baby still being high into my ribcage and pushing on my diagphram and lungs. Still getting a pretty good nights rest however I do find myself flipping back and forth from side to side quite frequently. No midwife appt this week but next week she will be here for our home visit. So this week we really need to focus on gathering supplies and making sure we are ready!

I have been busy in the evenings with thank you notes and I am in the process of trying to get those out! Prefer to check things off my "to-do list" rather than add things to it. We have our 2 year anniversary booked for the Gaylord Palms here in Orlando so that we are not too far from home. Two Years on July 21, AMAZING!!! I am more in love today than I thought possible and Im willing to bet that just grows year after year. It helps that I have an amazing partner and someone who always puts me first! For this I am totally Grateful!!!!!!!!! Soon Abigail will know what it is like to have someone like him in her life, he has so much love to share with both of us, and I know he will be a model to what she looks for in a man!

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  1. Are you Danielle, as in Thomas's friend who travels in a page protector??