Monday, July 13, 2009

36 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are in total baby preparation mode.. To think it will be about a month before we get to hold our little angel!!!!!! I was finally able to finish my thank you notes this weekend.. I like to send them in unison as I don't want anyone to not get one and feel slighted even if theirs is in the mail! On Saturday with the help of one of my favorite people, I was able to organize and wrap my mind about how to group things together and where to put things away in the babies room.. Now I'm getting lessons from one of my other favorite people this week for the cloth diapers (finding out what I'm missing, and figuring out how to use all the essentials that I have)... These friends are truly lifesavers and are helping me on this endeavor. We are now collecting all of the necessities we need for the birth and looking forward to our visit this week from our midwife. My sleep has started to get a little strange in the last two days as I am finding it harder to flip from side to side. No other major changes except I am starting to just be a little slower in things that I used to be fast at!

This weekend hubby and I will CELEBRATE our second blissful year of marriage... Time has flown and I know we are stronger now than we knew possible as we have already experienced some trials.. We are spending a few days away together at the Gaylord Palms here in town.. Just a chance to get out of the house and away from our to-do lists..

I am going to be off on a few days vacation here and there between my anniversary and spending time with my Mandy who is coming from the islands for 2 weeks... Yippeee.... I am going to bask in the time with my girls before the baby comes and try to spend some time together.

The baby is continuing on her journey to pack on the pounds before her arrival at a rate of about 1/2 lb a week. Her gums are firm with ridges that will soon hold her teeth. She has definite sleep and awake patterns. They are typically about 6lbs by now and about 18 inches.

So now we wait!!!!!!!!


  1. You are doing so great! I am so excited to meet little Abigail!

  2. By the way, what's the O for? I have an Oliver.