Friday, June 5, 2009

ode to me from a best friend...

Dear D,
You my love, are an amazing creature. You come from a long line of amazing women who have been strong, intuitive, and centered. There may be moments where you might not actively feel these attributes, but believe me, you are all of that and more all the way down to the depths of your soul. There may be moments where our society's whacked-out perception of the EMERGENCY! birth is tries to permeate your being, but remember this: your body knows what to do, your baby knows what her job is, and best of all you have a midwife to guide your way who loves you and knows that birth is no more of an emergency than cooking dinner can be. Sure, fires occur sometimes, but when they are dealt with responsibly and quickly by a responsible person who is attending, their effects are not nearly as devastating as when a hot pan of oil is left to boil on its own.
I love you more than I can possibly express and I wish you wisdom, trust, and health in your upcoming birthmonth. Your labor and your baby girl's birth is going to be the single most empowering day of your life. You will learn just how strong your body is, how strong your mind is, and how strong your bond is with those around you. You will be cared for and watched over carefully, and when you feel like you might not be able to go on any longer, you will be encouraged because you will already be doing it, even if you don't realize it. And when you are done with it all, ready to throw in the towel, you will know that there will not be much longer until you get to meet your little girl for the first time face-to-face.
You will be holding your little girl in your arms, all slimy and wet, while your husband looks on through tears in absolute awe. Your midwife will be buzzing quietly about, taking care of the details while you are given the time and space to fall in love with your little girl and learn every little detail of her face.
You will put her to your breast and feed her with the best that nature has to offer, just like you have been doing for these past 30 weeks. Again, your husband will watch in awe as you meet the needs of this new little stranger, and will help you to learn what she needs to stay content and how she prefers those things to be done.
This is going to be such a transformative, powerful, and loving birth---and nothing less.
I love you.


  1. Love and light, D. Love and light.

  2. Looks like Gracie started your birth all you have to do is fill in the details! I agree 100% - YOU WILL BE A BABY HAVING ROCK STAR XOXO