Monday, June 8, 2009

31 weeks... 9ish left!!! single digits, WOW!!!!!

Well we have emerged from another busy weekend. Saturday John and I had childbirth class and we had done an extended class all day Saturday instead of breaking it up over the two weekend days. This included a potluck with the fellow soon to be mamas and papas... In this class we talked about breastfeeding, newborn testing, pain medicines there side effects and info about what is in them. It was very comprehensive but we had a great time as our group is a really fun bunch of people, so we dont stop laughing!! I did have two breakdowns in the midst of class.. How embaressing crying in front of 8 people I dont know all that well.. The first time we were doing our subconcious fears by writing with our dominate hand something that scared us, then with our other hand write words that relate to that fear. I wrote "something happening to me or the baby" in my dominate hand then when I started writing my other surrounding words I wrote "death" then wrote "my husband being alone." At this point I told the teacher I didnt want to do it anymore and started crying my eyes out.. She got up and came and hugged me along with my husband and of course told me reassuring words that made me feel much better down to my soul... My husband reminding me how great our pregnancy has been and how much we trust our midwife to watch over us!!!!! Then at the end of the class we always close with a nice birth story, this of course led to tears again when the mom was describing the look in her husbands eyes as their new little life was born.... Im a sissy girl and I cant help it!

Sunday we went to the movies and lunch with friends of ours, then ended a perfect day with a long nap on a rainy afternoon... Then last night John, his dad, and his dads friend came over to work on the flooring in the babies room... It is coming along beautifully!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see how gorgeous it ends up...

Typically babies at 31 weeks weigh about 3 and 1/2 lbs and are about 16 inches.. Amazing to think that is what is inside me.. They have all their senses now so she can hear our voices and know when we are talking to her!!!

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  1. It sounds to me like you are doing some amazing work in regard to preparing for your impending birth, D. I am deep-down-in-my-bones proud of you. Truly proud. Keep up the great work, babe.