Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 weeks 1 day!

Had my prenatal appt yesterday and all was well as usual. Blood pressure was 102/72 so came up great, my pee stick was nice and boring as usual. Baby girls heartbeat was 148 which is excellent and she was all over the place with hiccups while Kelli was trying to find her. We discussed some labor info and discussed placental delivery etc.. I had started getting weird numbness in my left arm and it was making my left side itch sometimes but turns out this is super common and is due to the baby laying on new nerves and a vitamin D deficiency so that being said I'm making an appt with a chiropractor to be adjusted and getting some vitamin D!
The baby should be about 3 lbs now and about 14-17 inches.

we had a pretty uneventful weekend. Ripped up the carpeting in the babies room so that we can start putting down the flooring. Had our 3rd birthing class on Sunday and worked on pushing positions and Cesarean myths and truths. We each are reading some back issues of mothering so we can discuss with the class our alternative topics. John and I chose cloth diapering since we are planning this! Other topics are vaccines, circumcision, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping.
I also picked up the book from Dr. Sears this weekend called the vaccine book so I can do all my research and make an informed decision on the immunization schedule we are choosing and which vaccines we are giving.

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  1. You are such an awesome Mom already, D. I'm so proud of you!