Monday, June 15, 2009

32 weeks

Super busy last week!!!!!!!!! Holy cow time flies.. I have been going non-stop for days now!
Friday I took a vaca day from work and played! Yes Played!!!! First thing was to change my social security card since I have been married two years and am still yet to do it! Then we stopped by my aunts office and she took a peak in at the baby for us to see how she was doing on the ultrasound machine! To my surprise she weighed in at 4lbs 2 ounces on the machine, I know they are not always accurate but it is good to know that she is not being malnutritioned!!! She has big feet like her mom, long legs like me, and chubby cheeks.... She was looking straight at us and moving her mouth. It appeared also that she had been practicing her breathing, her chest was flexing in and out! This is all music to a nervous moms ears! The rest of the day was filled with fun as well.. One of my best friends was with me and we stopped and had our favorite Mexican lunch! Then it was off to the pool at my moms house for the rest of the day! We lounged around with two of my other best friends and their daughters, along with my sisters and mom. Then we went to the sandbar for dinner on the river and relaxed for an evening there with live music and good conversation.. The end to a perfect day was then the girls all having a slumber party and watching a movie! Everyone at my moms house took turns trying to have their chance at feeling little Abigail frolicing around.. they all held touched my belly with their eyes wide open as she rolled around in her space that is becoming quite snug!!

Saturday was no slower, we were up and headed back home early in the morning. When I got home it was time to go again, John and I had plans to celebrate a friends birthday party at their pool. So we spent the day in the 90 degree heat hanging in the pool. We were home by 6:30 so that I could squeeze in an hour nap before we were to meet my dad who made it into town and we got to spend some time with him.. We met him at his hotel at about 8pm and went to dinner.. He was so excited to see me and my belly as soon as I got out of the car he was wanting to take a peak at my growing belly since the last time he had seen me was in February. We had a nice evening then plans for a breakfast before he headed to see my sisters..

Sunday morning we got up and joined my dad for breakfast then he came back to the house to look at our upgrades and spend some time with us. We then had one of my best friends do maternity pics and they are beautiful!!!!! I have only seen a couple but those that I have seen are gorgeous!!


  1. WHEN, on God's green earth, are you going to sit back, relax, and STOP WORRYING about this perfect pregnancy???

    Your baby is going to be wonderful, your birth uneventful, and your milk bountiful.

    Now stop being a nervous nelly worry wart!


  2. You sure are a beautiful preggo!!!!!