Wednesday, March 25, 2009

20 weeks and 2 days.

Our baby is 10 ounces and we are soooooooo excited and blessed to learn that she is a girl. We are both about to burst with excitement and are just glowing..

After our sonogram yesterday we were relieved to see our little angel being so active. She was swimming everywhere, the ultrasound tech could barely keep track of her. she has all the major organs and parts she is supposed to have so we are super grateful for this. We are both so in love with her already. I cant keep my eyes off of her and my hands off my belly!

keep growing baby, we are looking forward to your arrival but are in no rush!


  1. Sweet baby girl is bringing tears to my eyes. I couldn't be any happier for a person. LOVE, love, and LOVE to you guys!

  2. I love her!!!! And I love her mommy and daddy!!! Congrats Overbergers XOXO