Monday, March 9, 2009

18 Weeks..

Well I have wrapped up another great weekend and now im rolling up my sleeves to get ready for working on the house and nursery!

I had a Kelly appt today and she seems to think everything is great.. A nice boring pee so im healthy there.. I actually have started to gain weight versus lose weight. I am up 4 pounds since my last visit so I think im doing great.. still not back to where I was before pregnancy so im still about 2 lbs lighter now than pre-pregnancy! Daddy of baby O was with me and we looked at all the transistions in mama and babies bodies on numerous charts she had to show us. Baby's heart rate is great at abotu 152 beats per minute.

Had a great weekend hanging out with my sisters and Lola (this is the name my stepmom is thinking she is going to want to be called from the baby.) It means grandmother in Filipino.. Not that we are Filipino but she wanted something different especially since baby is going to have lots of different grandparents!
I got a bad sunburn sitting at my older sisters Saturday morning lacross game but that is ok because the belly kisses and hugs i got from my sisters and their friends were totally worth it.

We are scheduling another ultrasound for around 20 weeks.. we did sneak away this morning for an ultrasound from my aunt and this little baby O is beautiful... We were able to sneak a peak at the gender but I will wait until my next ultrasound before i reveal the findings as this one was not 100% but maybe like 95%...... What we did see is that the baby has its moms big feet!

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  1. HER!!!!!!!!!! This kid is going to be SO hooked up with goodies!