Monday, March 16, 2009

19 weeks..

I am moving along in the pregnancy world. All seems to be going well.. Scheduling my next ultra sound for this next week today! Had a pretty restful weekend. Relaxed with friends on Saturday evening which is always a good time. Hung out with the hubby around our house for the rest of the time. Im starting to have a real baby pooch on my belly, when im standing I really am starting to look pregnant and invested in some maternity shorts this weekend and I feel the summer heat coming on!

Missing my Mandy down in the Virgin Islands but talked to her via text yesterday and she said she was keeping up with the blog.. I hope she makes it back soon to love on the belly!

The baby is supposed to start growing hair this week so keep your fingers crossed that the baby has thick hair like myself and not thin balding hair like daddy! The baby is supposed to be about 7 and 1/2 inches long.. They are also recognizing sounds, so we have started talking to the baby all the time. Since it is always present im sure it will recognize my voice as much talking as I do all day long!

Will get some more pics taken this week.

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