Monday, March 2, 2009

17 weeks.

Well I had a semi-busy weekend. Friday got to go see my family at my sister Leah's lacrosse game. This was fun as I had not seen some of them since before I was pregnant, so they were all excited about my changing body! Got the sweetest belly kiss from my sister Leah, I asked her if she liked my baby belly and she did the sweetest kiss right on my belly and said, "I love it!"
this brought tears to my eyes.. too sweet!

Saturday we spent the day starting on the babies nursery. we merged our office into the guest bedroom to make way for the babies nursery and all the projects we have planned in there! It came out better than anyone was expecting for such a tight space. We managed to get the office in without sacrificing our guest bed!

Sunday I was scheduled to have my first prenatal massage, I had been having trouble with a nerve in my neck and it was causing afternoon headaches and UN-needed tension! The massage was with a pretty inexperienced girl so it was not all that I had hoped it would be... Then the rest of my Sunday was simply a lazy day!!!

Now here we are in week 17 and I'm getting really anxious abut finding out this little munchkins gender... I'm trying to hold off on ultrasounds as long as possible but the mystery is becoming unbearable!

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